Winter 2010-2011 :

This is a baritone regulator for for Bryan H. of Ladysmith, BC. This will be his second regulator, which will make Bryan's pipes into a 3/4 set. It's got a Chris Langan chanter, drones i copied from a Chris Langan set, and a tenor regulator i made last year. We don't know what wood his chanter is made from, but we chose mopane for the drones and regulators because it's a very similar colour.

The project so far (scroll down for the latest update):

(31 Oct) I forgot to take a "before" picture. Anyway, here's the regulator after drilling, reaming, and outside turning.

(1 Nov) The end cap assembly.
(20 Nov) ...Ready for keys!
Back to work - here's the first key.
(6 March) Two down!
(20 Mar) ...Three out of four.

(9 Apr) That's all the keys! The D key is the first of the "long" style keys i've done. The spring runs backwards, towards the reed end, and is secured with a tiny (#0-80) screw instead of a rivet.

Last updated on 9 Apr 2011, by Penny.

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