Penny's Current Projects:

Here is the stuff i've been working on recently in my new workshop. (Last updated 18 Sept 2004)

In 2001, i finished a set of plumwood drones for uilleann pipes in C. I still plan to make a matching chanter and regulators for this set. (Last updated 14 Mar 2004)

My Hurdy-Gurdy was an interesting diversion from pipemaking. It was about 6 months in the making, completed in Febuary of 2004. (Last updated 14 Mar 2004)

Next up was a set of Northumbrian small pipes in concert D, completed in May 2005. (Last updated 23 May 2005)

Summer/Fall 2005: i've started a set of Scottish small pipes in A - and finally finished them in April 2009! (Last updated 18 April 2009)

Spring 2006: And now for something completely different. A Theremin! (Last updated 6 March 2006)

Summer 2006: A set of concert drones & mainstock for uilleann pipes. (Last updated 16 September 2006)

Fall 2006: A Praetorius Hummelchen, with a little something extra. (Last updated December 2006)

Spring 2007: Back to the beginning: another set of CPVC & brass small pipes. (Last updated 7 May 2007)

Spring 2007: More non-bagpipe electronics: a guitar practice amp. (Last updated 12 May 2007)

Summer/Fall 2007: A Swedish Säckpipa (last updated 26 Nov 2007)

Spring 2008: Updates to my homemade off-axis drilling/milling machinery (Updated 16 May 2008)

Spring/Summer 2008: A Russian "zhaleika" bagpipe chanter / hornpipe (Updated 14 June 2008)

Summer/Fall 2008: A practice set of uilleann pipes (last updated 3 February 2009)

Spring/Summer 2009: An uilleann pipe tenor regulator (last updated 19 June 2009)

Summer/Fall 2009: A set of uilleann pipe drones (last updated 30 November 2009)

October 2009: Another Theremin! (last updated 21 February 2010)

Summer 2010: A flat set of uilleann pipes in C (last updated 28 October 2013)

Winter 2010-2011: An uilleann pipe baritone regulator (last updated 9 April 2011)

Winter 2010: More tooling: my official maker's stamp! (last updated 1 January 2011)

Spring 2011: Third time's the charm - a vacuum tube theremin! (last updated 10 June 2011)

Summer 2011: Actually, fourth time's the charm! Another tube theremin! (last updated 1 Oct 2011)

Fall 2012: A concert pitch set of uilleann pipes. (last updated 28 October 2013)

Spring 2014: What's next? Did you guess another theremin? This one is hybrid tube & transistor. (last updated 6 July 2014)

Winter 2018: Wow, has it been that long? A set of "hybrid" smallpipes.


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