Summer/Fall 2005:

Here begins

* * New Updated Revised Plan B * *

in which

Penny tries to make a "go" of pipemaking.

* * *

In other words, this set will be for sale when it's done! It'll be a set of Scottish small pipes in A; cocobolo, brass, and imitation ivory.

The project so far (scroll down for the latest update):

(17 Sept 2005) Sorry i've been remiss in taking photos as i've been working.

Here are the drones, ready for polishing and final assembly. The grooves near the bells are for fine brass chains which will hold stoppers to plug the drones if the player wishes.

Here are two views of the cherry mainstock. It's hollowed out so all the reeds are in the same chamber. Some people think this makes for a better sound, as the thinner walls of the stock are supposed to resonate. I don't know if i believe that, but i do think it helps the drones to "lock in" to each other better when tuning.


This is the chanter. The outside has been profiled but not polished yet, and the fingerholes have yet to be drilled and tuned.

Here is the blowpipe, fresh off the lathe.

(20 Sept) Here's the story so far. Ready for a bag & bellows.

Actually, the chanter could probably do with some holes first...


(16 Oct) The cherry bellows boards with the inlet & outlet fittings, ready for leather.
(16 Oct) I've attached the ebony drone stoppers with fine brass chains.

(18 Apr 2009) I finally found an excuse to finish this set! Dave H. of Ladysmith BC said he was looking for a set of small pipes, and it just so happened i had this mostly-finished set kicking around. So i tied it all together and made some reeds, and so 3 ½ years later, these pipes finally have a home!

Thanks Dave!


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