Welcome to my workshop!

This is my instrument making workshop. It's a separate garage, about 13' x 21'. I bought the house in May 2002, and it was more than a year before the garage was ready for use as a proper shop. I can't say it's "finished," because a good shop is kind of always a work in progress, but anyway it's fully functional. :)


This is as close to a "before" picture as i have, unfortunately. When i got the house, this garage was bare wood studs on the walls & ceiling, the far and right-hand windows were free of glass and boarded up, there were remains of all kinds of trash. My Dad & i have put tons of work into this space, and i'm filled with gratitude for all his help.

Here, we've insulated, drywalled, painted, repaired some large cracks in the foundation & floor, replaced & finished the windows, and installed plenty of electricity for the power tools. It's on the verge of becoming a nice, useful place to work.

Here's the same view with a new floor, and all the stuff moved in. The lathe is the heart of the shop, of course, and i had a real adventure getting it here. The movers damaged it, so i had months of wrangling with inspectors and insurance agents, until finally the movers' insurance coughed up for a new machine. Even that wasn't the end of it, but i finally have a working lathe again. When the replacement arrived, and it was pink instead of green, i had to paint it with flowers; i'm calling her 'Daisy.'
Here is the opposite view, out the garage doors. The table in the middle of the floor, and the bench on the far wall were in the garage when i moved in, and are quite servicable after a little shoring up and tweaking here and there.
On the long wall, we've built a 21' workbench, which makes life so nice. There's plenty of shelving and storage underneath, and the view from these windows is of the bamboo thicket growing in my backyard.
(15 Aug 2004) Today's the day to replace these old, rotten, ill-fitting carriage doors. The gaps around the doors let in wind, leaves, bugs, probably even cats could get in if they wanted. Also, in the wintertime, i lose lots of precious heat around these crazy doors.

(15 Aug 2004) ...So we took out the old doors, and walled in the space. We installed a pre-hung, steel-clad door, and it fits great. There's a deadbolt lock and weatherstripping and everything. My Dad and i had to do this work in one day because otherwise there would be a big open non-wall (or non-door) into my shop.

We haven't really decided what to do with the outside yet - probably we'll have a go at stucco.

(18 Sept) Here's the result of our stucco project. You can never get a perfect match with an existing pattern, but i'm quite happy with this result. It'll look even better with a fresh paint job. (Maybe not for a while, though, give or take the weather...)


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