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Other Uilleann Piping Organisations:

  • Na Piobairi Uilleann (Dublin, Ireland) - The original Society of Uilleann Pipers, founded in 1968. Publishers of the newsletter "An Piobaire" as well as lots of instructional material straight from the source.
  • Irish Pipers Club (Seattle) - Publishes the "Pipers Review" newsletter, also the excellent "Collection of Pipe-Friendly Tunes" book.
  • BC Uilleann Pipers' Society - in limbo right now; HICUPS is kind of an unofficial splinter group of BCUPS!
  • ...there are lots more local/regional clubs out there - we'll work on listing them here...!


Online Discussion Forums:


Piping Classifieds: (note that some of the above sites do also provide classified listings)



NPU publishes a list of active makers here.

We feel like it's not really our place to publicly recommend (for or against) specific pipemakers here. We do, however, feel comfortable repeating some conventional advice when shopping for a set of pipes:

  • Do buy from a reputable maker.
  • Do get an experienced piper to examine a secondhand set. (Contact us if you need help on this front.)
  • Do steer clear of the factory-produced pipes from the Middle East commonly found on eBay and elsewhere.

Our members play pipes by a variety of makers, and will generally be happy to discuss their instruments individually. We variously own and play pipes made by:


last updated May 2019