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Loaner Pipes

HICUPS is pleased to be able to offer a small number of practice sets of uilleann pipes for loan to new or would-be pipers. A loaner set provides an opportunity to become familiar with the basics of the instrument while deciding whether to purchase a set, or while waiting for an ordered set to be made. Anyone interested in borrowing one of the loaner sets should contact us to be added to the waiting list.

The policies for the HICUPS loaner sets are as follows:

  • HICUPS does not charge any fees for loaner pipes.
  • A written contract shall be completed and signed by the borrower and HICUPS, with details of the set, as well the rules and responsibilities for the loan.
  • Pipes shall be loaned out on a first-come-first-served basis, subject to the current waiting list.
  • Pipes shall not be loaned outside of Vancouver Island and the nearby Gulf Islands.
  • A prospective borrower becomes eligible to receive an available loaner set upon attendance at 2 of the HICUPS monthly meetings.
  • Pipes shall be picked up in person at one of the HICUPS monthly meetings.
  • HICUPS shall provide an introductory one-on-one lesson covering the assembly of the pipes, use of the bag and bellows, and basic fingering.
  • The borrower should attend, whenever possible, the HICUPS monthly meetings.
  • The borrower should arrange, if possible, for lessons from an experienced piper.
  • The standard loan period shall last for 3 months.
  • If, at the end of the 3 month term, both HICUPS and the borrower agree that it is warranted, a further 3 month loan may be granted.
  • Upon the completion of the loan period, the borrower is responsible for returning the set to HICUPS in person.
  • If the set is damaged or lost, the borrower must pay the full cost of repairs and/or replacement - including damaged reeds.
  • The pipes shall be kept in moderate indoor conditions, away from extremes of heat, cold, humidity and moisture.
  • The borrower shall notify HICUPS of any change of address or other primary contact information.
  • These policies may be changed or revised by HICUPS, as circumstances require.


Here are .pdf copies of the documents related to our loaner pipes:


last updated July 2012